Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Arjuna could not counter nagasthra

Why Arjuna sould not encounter Nagasthra is not that Arjuna did not have powerful asthra to counter it.
Actually he did not know that it was nagasthra as Karna himself did not know that snake aswasen entered the arrow. Aswasens mother was killed by Arjuna during the burning of Khandava forest. So he entered Karna's arrow to take revenge.So it was not the greatness of karna or inferiority of Arjuna here. Telugu and tamil movies have shown as if karna had nagasthra or something which is not true.

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Hectacon said...

Why Arjuna couldn't counter Nagastra, for the same reason why Guru Dronacharya and Karna couldn't counter his sanmohan astra.for the same reason why Lord Parashuram couldn't counter Bhisma's mysterious arrow, for the same reason Lord Ram and Lord Laksham couldn't couldn't counter Megnaad's sarpastra. Arjun was superhuman but human none the less, he couldn't counter everything otherwise he would be GOD