Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Karna a hero or villain

Karna is one of complex characters of Mahabharata. First he is seen coming and making fun of Arjuna at the Tournament of Kuru princes. When Bhima finds out that Karna is son of charioteer. Bhima insults him. But Karna hates Arjuna instead of Bhima. Then Duryodhana makes him King of Anga knowing that Karna is equivalent to Arjuna. Karna is always jealous of the fame and archery skills of Arjuna.

Karna joins Duryodhana and Sakuni in plotting against the pandavas. First Karna, sakuni, duryodhana join hands to kill pandavas in wax house.

Next Karna meets Arjuna disguised as brahmin at draupadi's swayamvar. He fights with Arjuna disguised and finds it unable to defeat Arjuna so he gives up the fighting. When it is later revealed that the disguised brahmin was Arjuna. Karna hates Arjuna more.

Next Karna insults draupadi by calling her a whore. It is Karna who instigates Dussasana to strip Draupadi of her clothes. Then Bhima vows to tear the chest of Dussasana and drink his blood.

Karna instigates duryodhana to make fun of pandavas when they are living in forest. They try to mock pandavas but they themselves are defeated by gandarvas. Karna runs away from battlefield leaving Duryodhana to gandarvas.

Karna is again defeated at Virat yudh by Arjuna and runs away from battle field. Arjuna defeats all wariors one by one in Virat yudh and atlast uses Sammohanastra as prince uttara is tired and makes all wariors including Karna unconscious.

Karna next urges Duryodhana not to make peace with Pandavas. He boasts that he can defeat all pandavas single handedly. Bhishma scolds for his boastfulness saying he lost to Arjuna many times.