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Make money by writing reviews in is another site where you can earn money by writing reviews.Minimum payout is 100$ for non U.S. citizens and 10$ for U.S. citizens.Payment method is check.

Below are FAQS for earning money( Eroyalties converted to cash ) on

1. What are Eroyalties credits?

Eroyalties credits are the tool to track how much you earn for writing reviews. Currently, Eroyalties credits are redeemable in U.S. dollars.

2. How do I earn Eroyalties credits?

At this time, you can earn Eroyalties credits through the Income Share program.

3. What is Income Share?

The Income Share program rewards writers who contribute reviews that help other users make decisions. Epinions takes a share of the revenue gained from providing consumers with high-quality information and deposits it into your account monthly.

Income Share bonuses are not tied directly to product purchases, but are based instead on more general use of reviews by consumers making decisions. Thus you could potentially earn as much for helping someone make a buying decision with a positive review as you could for helping someone avoid a purchase with a negative review.

Note: Income Share is only distributed to Reviews. It is not distributed to Express Reviews.

4. How is Income Share determined?

The Income Share pool is a portion of Epinions' income. The pool is split among all authors based on how often their reviews were used in making a decision (whether or not the reader actually made a purchase).

Income Share is determined by an objective formula that automatically distributes the bonuses. The exact details of the formula must remain vague, however, in order to limit gaming or other attempts to defraud the system.

5. When is Income Share distributed?

Income Share for any given month is normally distributed by the 15th of the following month. For example, Income Share bonuses for June would generally be distributed by the 15th of July.

6. How can I earn more Income Share?

Epinions offers the following guidelines for earnings-minded reviewers who would like to maximize their Income Share bonuses:
  • Write high-quality, original work that details the pros and cons of the item being reviewed. Over time, the best reviews are likely to earn five to ten times as much as mediocre reviews on the same product.
  • Focus on items where there is a demand for decision-making information. Although all reviews are welcome, those covering obscure, obsolete, or unlisted items are less likely to generate an Income Share bonus.
  • Be among the first to write about a product. Consumers want the best information about the newest products, so the earliest reviews on a product are likely to be used most often. A good piece on a previously unreviewed but somewhat popular camera will earn a larger Income Share than the 450th review on Toy Story 2.
  • Rate other members' reviews consistently, accurately, and most importantly, fairly. Providing people with misleading recommendations on what reviews to read will hurt their ability to make good decisions and will impact your Income Share bonus. Conversely, helping people find valuable reviews will build trust and increase your readership, and eventually, your Income Share bonus.
  • Exercise discretion when adding people to your Web of Trust. People who trust you depend on your Web of Trust to find the best reviews when making decisions. Strong Webs of Trust are essential to building your Income Share bonus.
  • Build a reputation. Committed, long-term authors build credibility and trust over time through consistent high-quality writing. Reviews by trusted authors are more likely to be read, and are therefore more like likely to influence a purchasing decision and earn a high Income Share bonus.

  • 7. Do I have to write positive reviews to receive Income Share?

    No. Consumers want to know about the good and the bad. Because both negative and positive reviews factor into buying decisions, you can earn just as much a high-quality negative review as you can for a high-quality positive review.

    8. How do I cash out my Eroyalties credits?

    For details on how to redeem your Eroyalties credits for cash, please visit the Redeeming Your Eroyalties Credits FAQ.

    9. How are visits counted?

    Total Visits. The first time each month any user visits your review, adds one visit to your Total Visits tally for that review.

    Member Visits. Each individual member visit per month is added to your Member Visits tally for that review. Subsequent visits by that member are uncounted for the rest of the month. (Visits by users who join Epinions using the email-only registration do not count as member visits.)

    Note: Visits are only tracked on Reviews. They are not tracked for Express Reviews.

    10. How do I check my Eroyalties balance?

    Your current balance is displayed at the top of the home page when you are logged in, as well as on your Account Summary page. You can reach your Account Summary page by clicking the view your account link at the top of any page. From your Account Summary page, you can find more information about your earnings by visiting your Earnings Center page.

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Make Money by CAPTCHA entry

    Here is another site where you can earn money by data entry.All you have to do is retype the picture content into the input field in English. English alphabet knowledge is required. You will be paid from $1 for 1000 pictures. You are limited by your typing speed only - you can proceed up to ten pictures per minute. So, your payment can grow up to $3 per hour.

    To join the site click below:

    Minimal amount for transfer is $3, payment systems are PayPal and Webmoney. Transfers are proceeded daily.

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Make Money by Completing Tasks in Mturk

    Make Money by working on HITS in
    HITs - Human Intelligence Tasks - are individual tasks that you work on.
    There is no limit to amount of money you can earn in mturk.

    Below are the FAQs for mturk.
    How do I complete a HIT?
    Click the "Accept HIT" button while viewing the HIT. Complete the HIT according to its instructions, fill out the form with the results, and click the "Submit HIT" button. After you submit your results for the HIT, another similar HIT will be presented for you to accept.

    How do I get paid?
    If a Requester approves a HIT that you've submitted, Amazon Mechanical Turk automatically transfers money from the Requester's Prepaid HIT balance to your Amazon Payments account. You can choose to have this money transferred to your U.S. personal bank account or to an gift certificate balance. Workers in India have the option of receiving bank checks denominated in Indian Rupees.

    How do I transfer my earnings to my bank account?
    Select the "Account Settings" link under the "Your Account" tab from the Mechanical Turk web site. Choose the "Transfer your earnings to your bank account or to your gift certificate balance" option and enter your password when prompted.

    If this is the first time you have transferred money to a bank account, you will need to enter your bank account information. Follow the instructions to enter your bank routing and account numbers in the form provided.

    What is a bonus payment?
    A bonus is an additional grant of money from a Requester. A Requester can choose to pay a bonus in addition to the stated reward for completing a HIT. Bonuses are granted at the Requester's discretion and are usually paid to workers who do particularly good work.

    How do I receive payment in Indian Rupees?
    If you are a worker in India, you can elect to receive a check for your earnings in Indian Rupees. You will need to provide your birth date, passport number, Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) number or Permanent Account Number (PAN). A scanned copy of your passport, EPIC or PAN card is also required. All the information you need to sign up to receive payments denominated in Rupees is provided on the Account Settings page.

    Once we've verified your information, you'll be able to withdraw your earnings in Indian Rupees. To request a withdrawal, go to the Account Settings page and follow the instructions. Your check is mailed to the address you provided during registration with Mechanical Turk.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Make money by writing articles online

    1) Associated Content is a site where you can earn money by writing articles online.

    To join Associated Content click below:

    Here are my articles at Associated content:
    1) Tips for saving money
    2)Tips on buying a house
    3) How to prevent hair loss
    4) How to make money online

    How can I make money through Associated Content and how much can I earn?

    We offer Upfront Payments ranging from $1 to $20 for certain types of content. All of the content you publish can earn you money via Performance Payments, which currently pays a baseline PPM™ rate of $1.50 for every one thousand page views it receives.

    The amount of money you can make at Associated Content is unlimited. As you generate more page views, your Clout level rises - and your Performance Payments do too! Some Contributors treat Associated Content as their primary source of income and live off their earnings, taking home hundreds in Performance Payments each month. There are many others who consider AC to be a great source of supplementary income.

    How and when are payments sent?
    We pay our Contributors exclusively via PayPal. All you need to receive payments from us is a basic, personal PayPal account, which is free. To sign up, visit Within three business days of you accepting an offer, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your PayPal email address. Upon confirmation, you will receive payment via PayPal within two business days.

    You can set your Associated Content account to automatically confirm your PayPal email address after each offer is accepted by clicking on "Auto-Confirm My Payments" from the Payments page of your AC Account. You can always manually confirm your PayPal email address - even before receiving our confirmation email - by clicking on "Confirm Existing Payments."

    Typically, Upfront Payments are sent daily, M-F (except for holidays). If a payment is not sent one day, it will be sent the following day. Performance Payments are sent at the beginning of each month, no later than the second Wednesday, to accounts with at least $1.50 in Performance Payments.
    This site is best suited for US people

    2) Bukisa is another site for making money by writing articles online.
    To join Bukisa click below.
    Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!

    Below are FAQ's for Bukisa
    1) How does the Bukisa Revenue Sharing model work?
    Bukisa's unique and revolutionary revenue sharing model is based on two main revenue streams and the innovative Bukisa Index:

    1. Getting paid for people reading, viewing or listening to your high quality published content.
    2. Getting paid for read, viewed & listened published content of your friends, friends' friends and their friends (up to three levels).

    Let's take Simon for example. Simon has 10 items published on Bukisa, each of his items are producing 100 unique views a day - that's a total of 30,000 unique views per month. So Simon is earning $120 USD per month on the above content that he published (based on a Bukisa Index of $4 USD).

    Simon knows a few people, so he decides to invite them to join Bukisa. A total of 30 of his friends sign up and start producing content. In total those 30 friends are producing 150,000 unique views per month, so Simon earns a total of 25% of their direct income ($600 USD) which is $150 USD.

    When do I get paid?
    We'll send you the revenues that you generated via PayPal within approximately 30 days of the end of the month in which your account balance reaches the minimum $10 USD. (Net +30)

    You can always place your payment on hold if you wish to set a higher threshold for payments.

    If your account balance is less than $10 USD at the end of the month, we'll rollover your earnings over to the following month, until the payment threshold is reached.

    Payments are issued in the first week of the month, usually on the 5th day of the month.

    Here is an example:

    Simon earned a total of $35 USD since joining Bukisa in November, earning $27 USD in November and $8 USD in December.

    Now it is the 5th of January, and Simon will recieve $27 as he has reached the minimum payout of $10 for the prior month.

    In February, Simon will not recieve more money as he only has $8 USD from the prior month, thus not meeting the minimum payout.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Fixed Deposits in India

    Fixed deposits is best way to multiply your money.There is no risk involved in fixed deposits.In India both public sector and private sector banks are controlled by RBI.But it is best for you to make fixed deposits in Public sector banks like SBI, even though the interest rates offered are less.There are good insurance policies for banks in India.Fixed deposits can be opened from a minimum period of 15 days to maximum period of 10 years.ICICI is also good bank for you to make fixed deposits.

    The following are highest fixed deposit rates for SBI and ICICI:
    1) SBI is offering 8.50% for period of 8 to 10 years.
    2) ICICI is offering 8.25% for period of 5 to 10 years.

    There are also Tax saving fixed deposits by which you can save Tax by doing fixed deposits.

    Sunday, August 2, 2009

    Get paid to complete offers

    You can make good money in cashcrate by completing offers.You can also earn money in cashcrate by filling surveys.Minimum payout is 20$.It is easy to reach payout here.Daily you will find some offers.

    To join cashcrate click below

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Solving Line height issue due to superscript

    I am a web designer.I have recently comes across this issue.If we use superscript in text in a paragraph.We will be getting extra top padding above superscript.We can remove the extra top spacing by using the following css.

    sup { line-height:0; vertical-align:0.2em; }

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    How to make money online for free

    This content is submitted by me as vamsi krishna maddula at associated content.  

    These days with growth of world wide web,the money earning opportunities in internet have increased.So many people are entirely dependent on internet for making money.There are many ways to Make Money Online like:

    1) Earn money by filling surveys in and Planet Pulse.

    2) Earn money by clicking ads in and

    3) Earn money by writing reviews on music in

    4) Earn money by making posts in Mylot all you have to do is participate in day to day issues.In Mylot you can also earn money by completing tasks.

    5) Get paid to receive ads on your mobile with Mginger.

    6) Earn money by completing offers with Cashcrate.

    7) Make money by writing articles online in sites like Associatedcontent and

    8) Make money by completing tasks in and

    I have good experience with Making Money Online.I have been paid by sites like, etc.But i have also been scammed by some sites one year ago.I think the best way to make money on internet is by creating your own website, making it very popular by effective advertising and generating good amount of ad revenue from it.

    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    How to get traffic to your website for free

    The following are ways of generating traffic to your website:
    1) Linkreferral is good site by which you can get traffic to your website.
    The following are ways of getting traffic into your website with linkreferral:

    Members directory traffic - By joining, you will be included in linkreferral members directory which is visited by community of over 200,000 members, and thousands of outside visitors on a daily basis. You'll have the opportunity to earn a ranking at the top of your category, absolutely free! Receive valuable feedback from visitors of your website, network with your peers, and give your opinion on other websites in the directory. The more you participate, the more you get in return!

    Referral based traffic - You are probably familiar with the concept of network marketing, well this is a free version of that marketing method - by registering and promoting your linkreferral affiliate link, an exponential growth of 5 levels of referrals can be created (ex. you refer 10 people who refer 10 people each who refer 10 each....), potentially 10,000s of visitors/day all viewing your link prominently in the top spot of our 'Featured Sites' section on linkreferral's home page for your referral ID. It works because its free, fast to register, easy to implement and no risk. People that are referred from your site will have nothing to lose and everything to gain, just like you.

    Search engine traffic - By registering, you'll benefit several ways, including,
    1) having your webpage listing indexed more quickly - the major search engines continuously spider linkreferral site, and the sites listed in linkreferral directory.
    2) Improved search engine rankings and SEO optimization.
    3) Indirect search engine traffic via Pages such as your directory listing and your affiliate page listing feature your link and description, are picked up by all the major search engines. Your sign-up description, combined with our strong traffic base (a prime ranking factor for most major search engines) can pull in a significant immediate steady stream of traffic to your listing on and then on to your web site.

    Linkreferral forums traffic - By participating in linkreferral forums on a daily basis, you'll build relationships and your reputation within the linkreferral community and improve the odds of successfully converting visitors to your end goal. Promote your listing by asking questions and giving comments, each post you make actively displays your link, category and member profile.
    I too have joined linkreferral and i am getting good traffic into my website with linkreferral.I think linkreferral is best site to generate traffic to your website.

    click on below banner to join linkreferral.

    2) Trafficswarm is another good site which brings traffic to your website.

    1) TrafficSwarm is Targeted: You'll only get live, real-time targeted traffic. No forced pageloads here. Real people choose to click on your ad.
    2)TrafficSwarm is "Viral Marketing": Traffic and visitors to your site will grow and spread exponentially the more you use the system.
    3)TrafficSwarm is Proven: Over 400,000 successful members utilize the secret "TS Traffic Technology" to generate web traffic daily.
    4)TrafficSwarm is Cheat-Proof: Chiselers and click-bots can't waste your credits like they do at other traffic exchanges. Our system ensures you get only real, live people visiting your site.
    5)TrafficSwarm is Generous:
    Highly incentivized referral program means even more traffic for your site. Earn on your referrals FIVE levels deep. No cap or limit on referral rewards!

    To join Trafficswarm.Click on the image below

    3) Articlepinger is another site where you can get traffic by pinging your posts.
    Your ping will be listed in the "New Updates and Latest Pings" and more people will be able to visit your site using the links to your posts.
    To join Articlepinger click below.

    4) You can also get traffic by commenting on other blogs or websites that have good traffic.

    5) Post your website in  forums.

    6) Submit your website to search engines.

    7) Post your website in classified sites like craigslist.

    8)  is another site from which we can get good traffic.

    9) Publish your articles in sites like,

    10) Write original content in your articles without copying other people's content. 

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    icici bank issues

    I have an ICICI bank account.I have been using ICICI bank debit card.Once i withdrew Rs8,500 money from Indian overseas bank ATM using my ICICI bank debit card.The money was cut off from my ICICI account but i did not get cash from the ATM.I called ICICI bank customer care.ICICI bank customer care raised a service request and told that my money will be credited back in 20 days to my account.This happened to me on 9th March 2009 and I got my 8,500 back on 28th March 2009.I have undergone a lot of tension during this period.So do not use non ICICI bank ATMS for withdrawing money from your ICICI account.