Monday, December 14, 2009

Make money by writing reviews in is another site where you can earn money by writing reviews.Minimum payout is 100$ for non U.S. citizens and 10$ for U.S. citizens.Payment method is check.

Below are FAQS for earning money( Eroyalties converted to cash ) on

1. What are Eroyalties credits?

Eroyalties credits are the tool to track how much you earn for writing reviews. Currently, Eroyalties credits are redeemable in U.S. dollars.

2. How do I earn Eroyalties credits?

At this time, you can earn Eroyalties credits through the Income Share program.

3. What is Income Share?

The Income Share program rewards writers who contribute reviews that help other users make decisions. Epinions takes a share of the revenue gained from providing consumers with high-quality information and deposits it into your account monthly.

Income Share bonuses are not tied directly to product purchases, but are based instead on more general use of reviews by consumers making decisions. Thus you could potentially earn as much for helping someone make a buying decision with a positive review as you could for helping someone avoid a purchase with a negative review.

Note: Income Share is only distributed to Reviews. It is not distributed to Express Reviews.

4. How is Income Share determined?

The Income Share pool is a portion of Epinions' income. The pool is split among all authors based on how often their reviews were used in making a decision (whether or not the reader actually made a purchase).

Income Share is determined by an objective formula that automatically distributes the bonuses. The exact details of the formula must remain vague, however, in order to limit gaming or other attempts to defraud the system.

5. When is Income Share distributed?

Income Share for any given month is normally distributed by the 15th of the following month. For example, Income Share bonuses for June would generally be distributed by the 15th of July.

6. How can I earn more Income Share?

Epinions offers the following guidelines for earnings-minded reviewers who would like to maximize their Income Share bonuses:
  • Write high-quality, original work that details the pros and cons of the item being reviewed. Over time, the best reviews are likely to earn five to ten times as much as mediocre reviews on the same product.
  • Focus on items where there is a demand for decision-making information. Although all reviews are welcome, those covering obscure, obsolete, or unlisted items are less likely to generate an Income Share bonus.
  • Be among the first to write about a product. Consumers want the best information about the newest products, so the earliest reviews on a product are likely to be used most often. A good piece on a previously unreviewed but somewhat popular camera will earn a larger Income Share than the 450th review on Toy Story 2.
  • Rate other members' reviews consistently, accurately, and most importantly, fairly. Providing people with misleading recommendations on what reviews to read will hurt their ability to make good decisions and will impact your Income Share bonus. Conversely, helping people find valuable reviews will build trust and increase your readership, and eventually, your Income Share bonus.
  • Exercise discretion when adding people to your Web of Trust. People who trust you depend on your Web of Trust to find the best reviews when making decisions. Strong Webs of Trust are essential to building your Income Share bonus.
  • Build a reputation. Committed, long-term authors build credibility and trust over time through consistent high-quality writing. Reviews by trusted authors are more likely to be read, and are therefore more like likely to influence a purchasing decision and earn a high Income Share bonus.

  • 7. Do I have to write positive reviews to receive Income Share?

    No. Consumers want to know about the good and the bad. Because both negative and positive reviews factor into buying decisions, you can earn just as much a high-quality negative review as you can for a high-quality positive review.

    8. How do I cash out my Eroyalties credits?

    For details on how to redeem your Eroyalties credits for cash, please visit the Redeeming Your Eroyalties Credits FAQ.

    9. How are visits counted?

    Total Visits. The first time each month any user visits your review, adds one visit to your Total Visits tally for that review.

    Member Visits. Each individual member visit per month is added to your Member Visits tally for that review. Subsequent visits by that member are uncounted for the rest of the month. (Visits by users who join Epinions using the email-only registration do not count as member visits.)

    Note: Visits are only tracked on Reviews. They are not tracked for Express Reviews.

    10. How do I check my Eroyalties balance?

    Your current balance is displayed at the top of the home page when you are logged in, as well as on your Account Summary page. You can reach your Account Summary page by clicking the view your account link at the top of any page. From your Account Summary page, you can find more information about your earnings by visiting your Earnings Center page.

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