Monday, April 6, 2009

icici bank issues

I have an ICICI bank account.I have been using ICICI bank debit card.Once i withdrew Rs8,500 money from Indian overseas bank ATM using my ICICI bank debit card.The money was cut off from my ICICI account but i did not get cash from the ATM.I called ICICI bank customer care.ICICI bank customer care raised a service request and told that my money will be credited back in 20 days to my account.This happened to me on 9th March 2009 and I got my 8,500 back on 28th March 2009.I have undergone a lot of tension during this period.So do not use non ICICI bank ATMS for withdrawing money from your ICICI account.

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Nazia said...

Dear Mr. Krishna,

Please write to us at with your account number and contact details. Please use subject line as "Comments from Site".

Nodal Officer