Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arjuna's death in hands of Babruvahana (his own son)

After mahabharatha war. Yudhistir performed aswamedha yaga. The sacrificial horse is to roam freely and anyone who captures it will be considered enemy of yudhistira and Arjuna had to defeat him. The horse goes to manipur. Babruvahana, the son of Arjuna and chitrangada and prince of manipur knowing that his father comes to receive him with due honours. But Arjuna gets angry and tells him "i came as a representative of Yudhistir. I am your enemy not your friend you should fight me".

Arjuna rebuked his son in bitter words. Ulupi amother wife of Arjuna and stepmother to Babruvahana comes to babruvahana and tells him to fight his father. Babruvahana fights with Arjuna. Both fight fiercely. Babruvahana shoots an arrow that kills Arjuna. Later babruvahana faints. Chitrangada comes to know that her husband is killed and her son is wounded. Chitrangada comes to battlefield and grieves Arjuna's death. Chitrangada blames Ulupi for making Babruvahana fight with Arjuna

Babruvahana regains consciousness and knowing that he killed his father prepares to commit suicide. But Ulupi comes and stops him and tells him "this is an illusion created by me, Arjuna cannot be defeated by Indra himself. Arjuna's death was caused by the curse of vasus as Arjuna has killed his grandfather Bhishma in unjust way"

Ulupi then revives Arjuna with gem that can revive dead people. Arjuna wakes up and is happy to see both Ulupi and Chitrangada and Ulupi explains about the cause for his death. Arjuna is happy with what Ulupi did. Babruvahana asks Arjuna to come to his palace but Arjuna says he has to go and takes leave of Ulupi, chitrangada and Babruvahana

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